Rock Island airslides

D. Scott Chatfield

Tim O' wrote:

Example #1 -- Rock Island assigned some airslides to the California & Hawaiian
Sugar Company in Crockett California -- a thousand miles from any Rock Island line.
The loads were routed back to the Rock Island at Tucumcari New Mexico. This
cane sugar was valuable enough to travel 2,000 miles on a regular basis.
Two points: I thought was Crockett was a sugar _beet_ refinery. Did C&H also bring
in raw cane from their Hawaiian operations to be refined there? Or was sugar cane
also grown in the Sacramento delta? I thought that was too far north for cane.

A foreign road assigning cars to a shipper is an example of a car pool. When did
pools start? I thought the earliest were around 1960. Autoparts pools are the best
known, but there were other pools, especially serving the big packaged food companies.

Scott Chatfield

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