Re: ATSF map decals

Greg Martin

Microscale makes several sets. 87-516 is a curved map set, 87-498 is a straight line map for 40& 50 foot cars, 87-505 40 & 50 foot post 1947 P&L scheme. I have them all and mix and match the names.
I used them for the SHAKE N TAKE BX-28/31 build.
I will tell you if you are really particular there are nits to be picked with these sets and it happened when you are counting rivets.
Greg Marin
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Norman Maclean

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I finished my C&BT 12 panel body and wanted to make it Santa Fe, but I only see map decals for 50’ cars in the Micro Scale catalog. I’m modeling 276069. Am I screwed or were these cars ever repainted in a another scheme? My second choice on a RI 25000-25499 series car. Ed’s 12 panel list says the first 250 had 7 panel Superior and the last had an interim Youngstown doors. Is this interim door the one with the wide separations between panels?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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