Re: Digital Images - University of Kentucky’s Digital Library

Jack Mullen

Sorry, but either the photo or the car has been retouched to create a different number.  The 18xxx series were stock cars.

There is a little difference in the placement of dimensional data as you pointed out, (sharp eyes!) but the photos are of opposite sides of the car. Note the letter "L" to the left of the door on 13797 and the letter "R" on "18797".

I think the banner on the side of the car may be a bit of fakery also. It looks like a photo lab cut-and-paste moved the banner from the loading dock to the boxcar. You can see the tacks and a few wrinkles in exactly the same places, and there's no evidence of being stretched over the braces and nailed to the car.  Photoshopping is far older than PhotoShop.

Jack Mullen

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