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They may have been disappearing fast, but there were a significant number of single-sheathed cars, especially those from western, and particularly north-western roads, past the end of this list's interest. Roads I remember seeing SS cars past the end of this list include: NP, RI, GN, maybe one or two SP and ATSF cars, even an AC&Y 50-footer. Most were 50-footers. Richard and I chatted about them once, and he thought the 50-foot cars survived longer because of their original service not being as hard on the cars. Some were in hide service by that time, but I clearly remember NP and GN 50-footers in lumber service, all the way on the east coast.

Elden Gatwood

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Leonard Nemoy's death reminds me that he appeared in a 1958 TV show episode of Highway Patrol taking place in an SP freight yard.

The freight yard has a surprising number of single sheathed cars, mostly GN 50 ft, single door box cars. I would had thought that most wood sided cars were gone by then.

I've noticed that soem of these 50 ft. SS, GN box cars have Pratt trusses and some have the more common Howe trusses. Anyone have an explanation?

Ed Mines

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