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That didn't quite come out right. I meant that the GN was using USRA boxcars in the mid-1950s, not that they were still running in 1975. Bad writing.

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In 1975 I had a brief job driving a delivery truck in Southern California into many light industrial areas. Imagine my surprise when I found an NP  single-sheathed boxcar in pristine condition at a dog food factory in South Los Angeles. Yes, I had a camera with me. :~)

The GN and NP both hung on to wood cars longer than most roads, possibly because they served a robust timber industry. During the 1950s (mandatory STMFC content), their trains would have been liberally salted with wooden cars. This car in question was a "War Emergency" boxcar, and was about 30m years old, but had been recently painted. The GN was still operating WWI-era USRA boxcars.

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Leonard Nemoy's death reminds me that he appeared in a 1958 TV show episode of Highway Patrol taking place in an SP freight yard.

The freight yard has a surprising number of single sheathed cars, mostly GN 50 ft, single door box cars. I would had thought that most wood sided cars were gone by then.

I've noticed that soem of these 50 ft. SS, GN box cars have Pratt trusses and some have the more common Howe trusses. Anyone have an explanation?

Ed Mines

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