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Paul Hillman

Yeah, like I prefer caboose over "way car" and all the other terms. Is "caboose" an official term, or is another name more "official"? I don't care. They are all cabooses to me. Some call them cabeese (plural). I'm sure that is not correct, at all, except as a "joke"?
Paul Hillman

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Funny about RR nomenclature. I cringe every time I read or hear spoken "Outside Braced" to refer to single sheathed freight cars. When it comes to the boards provided by the RRs for passage of workers, I like the term "Roof Walk", and though I am reminded often that this is not an "appropriate" term, I use it more often than "running board". As was mentioned, the term is recognized easily for what it is, but I wouldn't consider myself to be "less informed" for using it. Maybe just slightly rebellious?

-Andy Carlson
Ojai Ca

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