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Robert kirkham

Thanks for this Ed.
I don’t suppose anyone happens to have a shot of (or other info on) the lateral running boards on an as-built NP car in the NP 16000-16999 series from May 1941?
Rob Kirkham

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I think my question leads to another: for most of the models you run, do you replace the running board or use the one provided in the kit.  I guess the right answer is “Depends on the prototype”, but very often the photos one works from don’t show enough to judge.  To me this form of running board lateral walk seems unusual, so I think I will tend to replace or modify it (unless I have proto info).
Regarding the question about 1937 AAR box cars with wood running boards and the HO-scale version supplied by Innovative Model Works/Red Caboose and InterMountain, I can verify at least 3 roads that used them (there may be others).
Southern Pacific 1937 AAR box cars in classes B-50-18 and B-50-19 (built in 1936-1937) had them. A good overhead view of one appears on page 264 of Tony’s book Southern Pacific Freight Cars Volume 4: Box Cars.
Southern’s 1937 AAR box cars built in 1937-1939, and B&O M-55 box cars built in 1940 also used this version. The B&O cars had roofs with depressed end panels, but the latitudinal boards appear to match the model.
The model companies followed the 1937 A.A.R. box car drawing published in the Car Builders’ Cyclopedia even though this running board version may not have been the most common with regard to the latitudinal boards. These models date to the early 1990s, and we now have many more resources (photos and prototype drawings) available to use.
Ed Hawkins

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