"Seaboard" Vent for sale

Bill Lane

Someone on my S Scale list suggested I should sell the vent I designed for my Seaboard car in 2013. http://www.lanestrains.com/Seaboard_Express_Boxcar.htm Can’t believe it is 2 years ago already but anyway….


I said just I can print that!


So far I have printed the S Scale vent as shown in the photo http://www.lanestrains.com/Seaboard_Vent.jpg so I know the O Scale will work. I am not sure about printing the HO yet but I will try if I get interest.


For all scales vents are $10.00 each + $4.00 shipping via USPS without tracking and insurance. If you buy 6 or more, shipping is free. I can only ship on the weekends and do so in batches.


While I have the ability to print on need/demand I am considering this to be a “project” which for me means it is for sale NOW. I am not printing a bunch to be sold in 2 months from now as a stock item when someone gets around to buying it.


PayPal = bill@... Please send as a gift so I don’t have any fees.


Checks and MO to

305 Dubois Ave

West Deptford NJ 08096


Please send me an email with your intentions so I know what to look for.



Thank You,
Bill Lane

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