Re: ADMIN: Freight Car Terminology

Tim O'Connor

Mike Brock wrote

>> Who can foget the arguments concerning the terms "friction bearing", "solid bearing"
>> and "plain bearing" trucks.? I mean, how and why was the term "friction bearing" ever
>> allowed to grow in use?

One reason is that friction bearings really do exist and are present on most
freight car trucks -- but they are NOT the same thing as journal bearings.

This picture illustrates them nicely -- See those items on top of the truck
bolster about 1/4 way in from each side? Those are friction bearings. There
are corresponding parts attached to each freight car's bolsters. These bearings
prevent direct contact between the static parts of the carbody and the trucks,
as the car rocks (tilts) from side to side as it rolls down the track.

Some HO trucks replicate these bearings, but most do not. The ones shown in the
photograph above are very accurate representations. You can find them advertised
in Car Builder Cycs, since they are a wear item and are sold by third parties.

Tim O'Connor

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