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charles slater

John I don't have any MP drawings at all. The MP cat patterns I did for Sunshine Models, Ed Hawkins provided the drawings, he is on this list.
Charlie Slater 

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Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2015 23:04:24 +0000
Subject: [STMFC] MP cars

Hi Charlie,
    My name is John Larkin.  My wife Sherri and I both remember you (great memories I should add) from our Missouri Central days when we were fighting the battle to keep the line alive.  My question is, do you have sources for drawings of MP steam era boxcars, gondolas and/or hopper cars that have enough information to use to build 1.6"=1' cars?  We're building a new home SW of Omaha just past Springfield and drive past the old MP line down that way fairly often and I'd like to build a few cars over the next couple of years for a 7.5" gauge live steam railroad we're building on the farm.  About 450' of track so far and hopefully once the house is done I can get a bunch more done.  Eventually it'll loop through some original native prairie and we'd be able to invite people for a tour of what the Nebraska prairie actually looks like - from behind a steam locomotive!  In the interim I'm doing a very little HO modeling for those indoor days when I hope to get a layout built out there.  If you'd like to see the live steam part of it just let me know, you'd be very welcome.


John Larkin

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