Re: Odd or Even Numbers Only for Rolling Stock?


Thanks Dennis. I note that on the Fort Wayne, Jackson & Saginaw and its successor the Fort Wayne & Jackson Railroad (the subject of my new book out this year) that platform cars and flat cars were even numbered only and all other cars including "mileage" box cars used in the lumber trade were even numbered.

My next question probably applies to a period much earlier than most of the interests of this group, but am I correct in that "platform cars"  were flats  that could be converted to hauling bulk commodities with the addition of stakes and side boards?

The Fort Wayne & Jackson became a "paper railroad" in 1882, leased over time to the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, New York Central and Penn Central. My book covers the time period from 1869 to present day.

If anyone knows of a source for photos of FWJ&S or FW&J freight or passenger cars, please let me know.

Victor A. Baird

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