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In 1952 there would be a lot of single sheathed and double sheathed cars around. Most modelers of that time slot have too many all steel cars.  


Now your replied will start getting technical with details of steel underframes, steel ends vs. wood ends, truss rods, etc.  I'm going to lunch.



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I'm a so-so modeler that is falling into lower cost modeling due to the economy.

I have a question about all-wood boxcars.

I remember seeing a couple of the older outside braced wooden boxcars on the side of the Milwaukee Road main shops for several years starting around 1970. So some wood cars survived years beyond the years this group is following.

My question is about when did the older all-wood boxcars get pulled off of the mainline?

I'd like to photo-real model several of the older all-wood boxcars in higher-tech card-stock, of sorts. I understand many of the surviving in service wood box cars would have metal ends and up to date metal under-frames.

I'm puzzled about when all wood body boxcars would be forced off of the Roads.

I'm unsure if circa 1952, wooden sided boxcars would still be somewhat common.

Does anyone have knowledge of mandated elimination dates for the all-wood box car bodies, or the wooden sided-only boxcars ?

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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