Photo-real modeling

Schuyler Larrabee

Probably my email friend Mike Bauers should do the real explanation, but I think I understand what he’s attempting to do.


Take photos of real steam era freight cars, photoshop them into orthogonal views, and print or laminate prints of them on cardstock.  One could then assemble these prints into a box to make a box car, for instance, or glue them to a block of wood.


Now, before you guffaw, hold on a bit.  I don’t have the time to search for it just now, but I recently was sent a link to a webpage full of models made from paper.  The modeling was VERY impressive, and in some ways captured more of the reality of the prototypes than our resin friends can manage.  Some were made with paper sides, but had ladders and door hardware applied, but some just had these parts “applied” with images.


I’ll be very interested to see what Mr Bauers comes up with.  I expect he will rapidly adapt to our nomenclature (single sheathed vs “outside braced,” for example).  And I know he’s an excellent modeler.  Bring it on, Mike!



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