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I read it and enjoyed it. I just wish it had pointed out that it was focused on a peri-WWII or later fleet. For example, the signature Southern cars were the 1937 steel boxcar and an even later car. This might have the broadest appeal, given the numbers of transition modelers, but does me no good for my 1934 modeling effort. The aging, outdated wood 36' boxcars that was replaced mostly by those '37 cars were a signature car in the 20s and 30s!  And there is a great Westerfield kit as well as an F&C version to model it.  According to "Captain' Snow's conductor books, those SU truss rod cars were the staple for merchandise (i.e., LCL) on the Winston-Salem division at least.  In addition there were vents and DD DS cars in the fleet (which only has the rare Sunshine kit to represent it).

If that's what happened on the road I know well, then that leaves me in the dark for the roads I don't.

This isn't complaining about Tony's article, it's a request to expand the concept to cover other eras! Who can write the article for the Depression era, the WWI to Depression era, the turn-of-the-century, or even the 50s?

I'll work on 1934, but I could use some help.


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Tony T. has a long article w/many photos about Freight Cars in the March Model Railroad Hobbyist.

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