Re: More Freight Car Content in March MRH

Tony Thompson

David Bott wrote:

I read it and enjoyed it. I just wish it had pointed out that it was focused on a peri-WWII or later fleet. For example, the signature Southern cars were the 1937 steel boxcar and an even later car. This might have the broadest appeal, given the numbers of transition modelers, but does me no good for my 1934 modeling effort . . .

 This kind of article can really only be done for a fairly narrow slice of years. The data shown in Figure 1 are for 1950, which SHOULD have supplied some clue about the approximate era being covered. Nothing whatever wrong with 1934, it's just that I happen to model 1953, and that's what I have researched, modeled, and published. I would love to read comparable articles for other time spans.

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