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Bill Schneider

…just don’t call it the “Fast Mail”…

Heading for jail…

Bill Schneider

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Clark Propst writes:

"At last night’s ops I had a chance to thumb through the latest RMC. I was
anxious to see Mike Brock’s article. Wow, was I surprised! It was about a
passenger train!!!...A passenger train!!!! I spun the magazine around so the
others could see and said “This guy owns the Steam Freight Car Yahoo group.”
The answers were all the same “So why is he writing about a passenger
train?” "

Hmmm. Believe it or not, I am wordless...but only for a few seconds. First,
as was pointed out, I am the "owner" of the STMFC. As such, I ruled several
yrs ago that a mail train could be considered to be a frt train...since as I
noted, it can and did haul freight. More so, in fact, than passengers.
Second, I do...from time to time...write about other aspects of RR's...even
regarding steam locomotives. So, I don't just confine myself to frt cars.

Anyhow, mail trains are among the more interesting types of trains no matter
what group of trains they fall into. So, there.

Mike Brock

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