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Many thanks for this link.

The tank car is a true test subject for this sort of model building.

I may have to re-think my ideas on model rivets. It looks like it would be very worthwhile to have true 3d rivet detail.

I know of a project layout method where you use a tied together pointer and rivet embosser set-up, such that your pointer follows the image, you slide around the tools work table and with a matched set of pattern and work image you'll free-hand emboss the rivets into your working car side without needing any cranking or rigid incremental measurements to place the embossed rivets in the correct location.

Its a set distance between the pointer and the embossing die that once set up on the work platform of the tool lets you set-up each rivet embossment by eye just by lining it up under the pointer. Tape down a spotters copy of the car side and a working copy of the car side in an indexed manner on the work table and you only have to slide and punch. I'll repeat..... with no needed cranking nor precise measurement, the mirroring of the car-side or other parts in work makes that unneeded.

One must is that the work table has to slide in the strict X-Y axis's and not be able to go diagonal as you move it around. There are ways to do that. The work table has to have some sort of sliding guides to move in. It's not complicated as much as a must to stay in registration.

I have an method and materials in mind for that.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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When I wrote last night, speculating what Mike Bauers was talking about with his “photo-real modeling,” I mentioned a web page with all modeling done with paper.  It took me a while to find this, but take a look at these images:



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