Re: More Freight Car Content in March MRH

Eric Hansmann

I have been focused on late 1926 for over a decade now. I created a couple of pages on my blog that consistently receive some of the most visits each week. These are solid starting points for someone modeling a period in the 1920-1935 era. 

A guide to 1920s era HO scale plastic freight cars

A quick guide to Westerfield Models for a 1920s model railroad

These references can be accessed through my blog just below the Search bottom on the right side of the page. 

I don't go into as much detail as Tony does in his MRH article, but if you have an interest in this time period you are probably already reviewing ORER data for various car series. 

I need to create a page for other resin kit manufacturers with product that can also be used for the target years. F&C offers several and Yarmouth has a sweet Northern Pacific box car that is most worthy. I guess I better get crackin' on that.

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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