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I am cautiously experimenting with paper models, mostly for structures. That said, I scratchbuilt a pair of On30 English platform cars, and have built one tank using a plumbing fitting with an adapted paper wrapper from Clever Models. I wasn't completely pleased, but the second will be better, and I may try again on the first. The nice thing was that the Clever Models kits are printed out on my computer, and I was able to add lettering of my own right onto the wrapper.

This method of using a paper wrapper was very common before styrene cars became the norm. Manuta and others offered cars with a paper wrapper around a wooden or steel core, with diecast frames and details.

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When I wrote last night, speculating what Mike Bauers was talking about with his “photo-real modeling,” I mentioned a web page with all modeling done with paper.  It took me a while to find this, but take a look at these images:



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