Hendrickson Completed Cars

Jim Betz


  I thought I'd start a new thread for this topic.

  I, for one, would like to see some of these made available.  I don't

see any reason not to just use the method you have been using.

An alternative would be to put them on eBay (which I know you

have intentionally been avoiding up until now) ... my thinking is

that this "silent auction" style probably won't net as much as an

open auction where the bidders can know how high a given model

is currently.

  And it is my assumption/belief that there are others out there,

like me, who would bid much higher for a completed and 

weathered "Hendrickson original" than they would for "a kit

he owned but never built".  I would be particularly interested

in one of Richard's tank cars - but I'm pretty much ready to

consider any model he finished.

  I get it that if you put them on eBay then the "finding a good

home" thing isn't as guaranteed as it is by using STMFC.  So

here's the thing you might want to know about that ... I, for

one, do not intend to put any model I purchase "on display

as a collector's item".  If I own it I intend to use it for Ops and

if some guy or other handles it incorrectly and does some 

damage ... I will repair it.

  "I get no pleasure out of a model that isn't being used for Ops."

  No matter how 'perfect' it is nor how much it costs nor how

delicate it might be.  And I suspect that Richard would understand

that and even support it.

                                                                                             - Jim


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