Re: SHPX 55


The 1/43 ORER lists SHPX 50-67 (16 cars) as having 40 tons' capacity; with SHPX 53, 54, 56 as "exceptions" of 50 tons' capacity. Several explanations are possible. From most restrictive to least: (1) SHPX 55 is one of a kind. (2) SHPX 52 and 55 are identical to each other, but different from the other three. (3) SHPX 52-56 are identical except for the trucks. I'd love to find photos of the other four cars.

Kinkaid's "Tank Car Color Guide, vol 1", p 110, has a photo of HHCX 5016, a 6000-gallon 3-compartment car with the distinctive tank supports of a Standard Tank Car product. The author suggests that the series may have been HHCX 5011-5017. I need to study the picture more closely, but on cursory inspection the car bears a strong resemblance to SHPX 55.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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