Re: Hendrickson Completed Cars

Paul Koehler



Very well said.  Bid your maximum and let the chips fall where they land.


Paul C. Koehler


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A sniper, whether automatic or manual, can only win by bidding more than you did. If the picture is worth $10.00 to you, how can you complain if it is worth $10.50 to someone else?


If you bid less than you are willing to pay, of course you are vulnerable to getting sniped by someone who ends up paying a price you would have been willing to pay. If you bid your full price you may get lucky and get it for less.


Alex Schneider


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All that putting stuff up for sale on ebay does is award product to the bidder with the best auto-snipe programme.  It's entertaining to see the auto-snipes come in and raise prices thirty seconds before closing on an item.


A well-known poster on this list and I wanted to purchase some photos from a certain author who instead put them all up on ebay--I got tired of being sniped three seconds before closing.


Compliments to you for sticking with the sealed bid fomat, Tony.


Steve Lucas.  



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