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The SC&F upper tank half and domes are molded in one piece, so replacing the SC&F domes isn’t an easy option. I’ll look for the SHPX 55 photo at the next show we both attend. I bought the kits before your RTR model was released. Had I known it was coming, I wouldn’t have bought the kits. Now that I have two of them, I need to find a prototype for the second car.


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Turns out we've discussed this before. See Ian Cranstone's message #126703.<<

Bob's Photo sells a print of SHPX 55.

It is a 6000 gallon car with a Standard Tank Car underframe. The tank is a match for the tank from Tangent Scale Models. The dome circumferences are a match too, although they are different in that they are not as tall as the Tangent domes, This is an easy fix with the Tangent design since you can remove some of the height from the Tangent dome before installing it.

It would a be a cool kitbash between the SC&F parts and Tangent parts. Tangent parts are in stock and can be ordered here:

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David Lehlbach

Tangent Scale Models

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