Re: PFE Icing Platform drawings

Jim Betz


There is an ice dock on a layout here in San Jose that is on the upper
deck. It is the style of dock that has a roof over the long platform and
fold out/down 'gates' (platforms? not sure of the correct term) that
were used to get the ice out on the cars. This particular model is at least
20 cars long and really looks great.
What the builder did to make it look even greater is that he made
the fold outs actually functional - they don't touch down on the cars
but they do fold out/down to simulate the dock in use.

===> And attached to those fold outs, on not all of them but quite
a few, are dock workers (and ice blocks on some of them as

When the gate is folded up the gate itself hides the figures that are
glued to the gate ... you can't see which gates have a guy/block
without really trying to figure it out. Most guys just fold down some
of them (they all work) and get the guy/block 'randomly'.

During Ops the train with ice reefers pulls onto the track and stops,
the operator folds out some of the gates, waits an appropriate amount
of time, folds the gates back up, waits for clearance to proceed.
The addition of the workers on some of the gates -really- adds to the
sense of 'realism'. In addition it encourages the guy operating the
train to stop where the gates line up with the ice hatches instead of
'just somewhere on the ice dock track' ... I've never done this - and
neither have -any- of you - but I've seen some guys that don't seem
to understand (care?) whether they have properly spotted the train
at the ice dock ... *G*


How was it done on the prototype questions ...

===> Question ... I am guessing that the workers would start out
by folding down the gates/doors/ramps in a fairly regular
pattern (every Nth one) at the start.
Did the workers, typically, fold up each gate when it wasn't
in use?

===> Bonus Question ... was there a 2nd fold out that actually got
out to the car that was attached to the folding doors - or did
the doors reach all the way to the car in one fold?

===> Many ice docks used ramps that had small edges so that an
ice block would stay on them. Was this pretty common/
essentially a standard practice? Or did they just live with a
few blocks that went off and fell down?
- Jim

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