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Armand Premo

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The stuff I've used is Paasche AEX.  It's been a while since I bought any and at the time it was all that was available IIRC.  Now they call AEX fast cutting and they also have AE (medium cutting) and SSO (slow cutting). 
I poked around on their site and found the MSDS for these products.  AEX is aluminum oxide--no grit size given.  AE is pumice, and SSO is food starch.  Possibly one of these gentler compounds would be safe on painted items but I'd be cautious.

John Bopp

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What is the grit size for the Paasche aluminum oxide ? The label has no
size information. I've used the Badger grit and it seems more aggressive
than what I use in my booth which is 220 grit. I've tried to use baking
soda but it seemed much too soft, made a huge mess (in the garage), and
definitely is moisture absorbent.

Tim O'Connor

I've used an older Paasche LA-3 abrasive gun for some time.  The LAC-3 is the current version and has a carbide tip for better wear resistance.  I use it with Paasche compound for prepping brass for paint.  I used to use it only outdoors but now have a cabinet.  I found a cheap Harbor Freight blasting cabinet on closeout.  I threw out the HF gun and use the LA-3 in the cabinet.  I'm quite happy with it and Paasche products in general.
I've never used the LA-3 on plastic or any painted surfaces so can't say how it would work.  But I suspect it might be too aggressive and that the air eraser with a milder compound might be a better bet.

John Bopp
Farmington Hills, MI

On Mar 12, 2015, at 11:49 AM, fgexbill@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

I have a small Badger Abrasion Gun that I use mainly for spraying Baking Soda to prep styrene and resin models before I paint. During my most recent etching ritual it became clogged and the usual cleaning steps did not clear it. I got frustrated and put it up and plan to completely disassemble it today to try to sort it out but I also went online today to see what is out there. TCP Global shows some Chinese Guns that I will look more closely at but I wanted to ask folks here if the have experience with either of these Passche Models:

Paasche Airbrush LAC#3 Abrasive Spray Gun

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