Re: cast ends


I just took a closer look. Those lines of rivets are seamless.

It's as if the stamped end is one large panel attached to inner ribs by the two horizontal rivet lines, and bounded by edging members.

I also saw a very similar arrangement of back ribs when I looked up the Van Dorn bullseye ends online earlier this evening.

Perhaps they were still patterned after actual ends seen on the prototypes?

Mike Bauers

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What stands out in that stamped end is TWO horizontal seams, with no stamping
in the upper panel. That makes it highly unusual right there, except for a limited
number of rebuilt cars, and they don't match the 4/4 pattern of the lower two panels.
As far as I know there is no prototype for the end in your photo.

Tim O'Connor

>Just this week I went for some vintage Red Ball parts because of the very clean looking freight car ends without cast on ladders or grabs.[my phone shot is not as crisp as the casting]
>I ID'd them as being a common freight car type. But I don’t know which one that is.
>Can someone tell me more about this end?
>Perhaps the years they were in common use ?
>Best to ya,
>Mike Bauers

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