Kudos and Thanks to Bob Chapman and Bill Welch

Dan Sweeney Jr

Just received a copy of Ted Culotta's Prototype Railroad Modeling, Volume 3, and am still marveling at the work of Messrs. Chapman and Welch.  The dedication required to research the prototypes (many classes of L&N 2-bay hoppers, and SL-SF and T&P 50' single-sheathed and T&NO 40' single-sheathed box cars, respectively), visualize which commercially-available kits would serve as the best starting points for kit-bashing, doing the exquisite modeling, and writing and photographing the modeling processes, is obvious and very impressive.  Thanks for inspiring those of us who can't afford as many resin kits as we might like, and have large stashes of older kits from the major manufacturers, and for sharing in substantial detail the steps required to bring these projects to fruition.  Please, Mr. Culotta, keep them coming!

Dan Sweeney, Jr.

Alexandria, VA  

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