Re: Random Thoughts from my two articles in Volume 3 of Speedwitch's Modeling Journal

Tim O'Connor

I had a conversation with Dick at the NMRA convention in Valley Forge and
also got the same impression of "tunnel vision" ... and without a doubt his
kits had problems. But then Branchline and Proto2000, who produced some of
the finest kits available, also folded up and sold out. So I think at least
part of the problem was there was already a huge shift underway to RTR by
the late 1980's. A one-man shop or any very small business without Chinese
manufacturing partners is fighting a strong head wind in this hobby, especially
with the decline in local hobby shops to stock kits for the "browsers".

Tim O'Connor

I rarely comment on other people's business; today I'll make an exception. Dick fell into the trap that many smaller manufacturers do... they become "married" to one tool shop and refuse to see the limitations of that shop. Eastern Car Works is another example. Dick relied on the same toolmaker from the beginning to the end of his business... If Lloyd said it couldn't be done, by golly, it couldn't, don't bother me with the pesky detail that others are obviously doing it.

I had an interesting conversation with both Dick and Lloyd back in the nineties when Accurate Finishing was looking to get into developing our own tooling; learned a lot, also saw the limitations. Why Dick never could is beyond me.

Dennis Storzek

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