small Otis/NYO&W Observer

Robert kirkham

I’m developing a model of the small Otis cars that were part of the CPR fleet from the late 1906 through the 1950s and am looking for some help on the details of the underframe and bolsters. 
I have copies of the excellent Ken Goslett articles in Dec. 1987 and Jan. 1988 RMC (including the sidebar on Al Crisp’s model), as well  Eric Clegg’s March 1988 RMC modelling article.    Crisp refers to a Jack Work article in June 1957 MR, and notes the model lacks details for the door operating mechanism. 
What I am lacking are clear photos.  The magazine images are usually quite shadowy and so hard to make out.   Clegg and Goslett both mention photos of Otis cars, including one shown upside down below the Jones Trestle of the NYO&W (according to Goslett) on p.21 of  the 1985 edition of the Observer, a publication of the NYO&W Historical Society; Clegg found a photo of 46421 on p.21 of a book titled NYO&W Scranton Division (also by the NYO&W HS).  It may be the same photo for all I know.
I do not have access to either publication.  I am hoping someone who does can advise whether the underside view in the observer would be helpful for modelling these cars. Also wondering if there is a reference to the photo so I can obtain a copy.
Rob Kirkham 

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