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Armand Premo

Shucks,I thought I'd be able to raise a few feathers. : - ),Armand Premo

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How do you account for the popularity of resin kits? Armand Premo

Armand, you're joking right?

A massively successful resin kit sells 300 to 500 copies. Some individual plastic freight cars
from Intermountain have sold over 1 MILLION copies. And in the last 10-15 years almost all of
that is RTR.

Tim O'Connor

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I had a conversation with Dick at the NMRA convention in Valley Forge and
also got the same impression of "tunnel vision" ... and without a doubt his
kits had problems. But then Branchline and Proto2000, who produced some of
the finest kits available, also folded up and sold out. So I think at least
part of the problem was there was already a huge shift underway to RTR by
the late 1980's. A one-man shop or any very small business without Chinese
manufacturing partners is fighting a strong head wind in this hobby, especially
with the decline in local hobby shops to stock kits for the "browsers".

Tim O'Connor

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