Re: Random Thoughts from my two articles in Volume 3 of Speedwitch's Modeling Journal

Tim O'Connor


And people are living longer. And the world as a whole is becoming much
wealthier, with lots more leisure and hobby spending. These are macro trends,
as is the decline of unskilled or low-skill manufacturing jobs, automation,
etc. I read somewhere that 80% of the children born in the USA after 2000
will reach their 100th birthday! And railroads are enjoying a revival in
much of the world and have pretty much stopped contracting in North America.
So I think you are right, this is a great, fun hobby and will continue to be
as long as our civilization lasts. :-)

Tim O'Connor

I remember steam on mainline railroads (yep, I'm a dinosaur), that's why most of us in our 60's
and older model the transition era, we can relate. It was a very interesting era. But this hobby
is getting more hi-tech and sophisticated all the time, great to lure the younger generation in.
I personally think it will be around a very long time.

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