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I've seen lots of youth railroad model videos on YouTube (even one weathering freight cars that fit this list) and someone contacted me from my rail history website asking for proto info to design freight cars virtually. Modeling with a computer takes different skills than modeling with resin, but no less interesting or rewarding.

Perhaps it may only be an old man's hobby if your looking for a kid like Opie Taylor or Dennis the Menace instead of Bart Simpson or Sheldon Cooper?

Could it be the hobby may be bigger and faster growing without you seeing it?

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I have to agree somewhat that that it's an "old man's hobby". Back in the early 50's just about every kid had a Lionel or American Flyer train set under the Christmas tree. Now, the kids want computer games and other hi-tech stuff. Changing times.
I remember steam on mainline railroads (yep, I'm a dinosaur), that's why most of us in our 60's and older model the transition era, we can relate. It was a very interesting era.
But this hobby is getting more hi-tech and sophisticated all the time, great to lure the younger generation in. I personally think it will be around a very long time.

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> Face it; it's an old man's hobby.
> Brad

Not old -- but most people get into the hobby (or come back to it, as I did)
in their 30's and 40's after they "settle down" and develop an interest in doing
some activity in their leisure time at home. But I think the median age of NMRA
membership was always in the low 40's... It's probably climbed now since a lot
of new model railroaders no longer join because there are so many other outlets
for sharing in the hobby. Like STMFC!

Ah well it's nothing to worry about -- considering everything that is out there,
there's never been a better time to enjoy this hobby than right now!

Tim O'Connor

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