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In another Yahoo group, they are discussing ways to bring in new modelers.

They inspired me to come up with a display that starts from the basic level and ends with the completed models along with some one building and chatting with them.... With slideshows  and some other goodies.

It goes outside of any ingrained preference for RTR or kit and gives a bit of inspiration for trying a different approach.

I'm quite bummed at my favorite hobby shop closing, even to the point of not yet trying a recommended new place. Or maybe it's all of this blasted snow that kept me away since the end of December, when 'my' place closed?

I can at least feel I'm working on the promotion of the hobby this coming fall and now that the snow is nearly gone, I'll finally get to that highly recommended hobby shop.

While I've lamented losing that grand old hobby shop, I've felt good about planning out my next few projects involving just how to make the things, and have fun in the building process.

That last paragraph is just what I most enjoy about this hobby.

Mike Bauers

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All five of my Grandson's have trains and I have made sure of that. Tim and I belong to  a Facebook group that would send the "old man's hobby" stats in the round file as we are definitely the minority if you are say old is 50+. 
I am sick of this hobby doom and is getting real old.
If you want a hobby shop support him.  Don't spend all your money on the Internet.
If you want to do the Internet thing, if a good shop on line...
If you like kits because you like to model don't buy ready to run.
If you don't want to buy Ready to Run vote with your dollars.
It is that simple... No more whining, please!
Can we move on now please?
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
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I have to agree somewhat that that it's an "old man's hobby". Back in the early 50's just about every kid had a Lionel or American Flyer train set under the Christmas tree. Now, the kids want computer games and other hi-tech stuff. Changing times.
I remember steam on mainline railroads (yep, I'm a dinosaur), that's why most of us in our 60's and older model the transition era, we can relate. It was a very interesting era.
But this hobby is getting more hi-tech and sophisticated all the time, great to lure the younger generation in. I personally think it will be around a very long time.

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