ADMIN: Termination of the "Random Thought" thread


Well, perhaps at some point this thread [ Random thoughts...] did have some discussion about steam era freight cars and while a few times it wandered into areas definitely out of scope [ business practices of manufacturers ], it did serve, I suppose, to allow those who fear the impending doom of the worl...uh...hobby to announce why they believe model trains are fast disappearing so maybe we won't have to endure that again for awhile. I actually would have terminated this thread long ago except that I got involved with 4-12-2 studies again.

I will add one thing and try to keep some of our members from considering suicide by simply noting that the old song is right. "Nothing stays the same".

And now, the thread called "Random Thoughts from my two articles..." but which really is a thread about the health of the MR hobby is now terminated. I might note that the new wing to Moderate Jail is ready for admittance...although, as is our custom...while we supply clean plates and drinking glasses...there is no food or drink.

Mike Brock

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