Re: Stripes and ampersand on T&NO (SP) freight cars

david ellzey

Looks like I have plenty lines to "erase". These are Red Caboose RTR cars that are lettered "as built", they may need to be renumbered too.

Thanks, David

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The thin white lines above & below reporting marks ended about 1948, if I
recall correctly. I have many photos of SP freight cars in this era and very
few of the cars still have the lines. Some still did, but it was uncommon by
1960 and later.

Tim O'Connor

>Modeling the late 50's and early 60's, would the stripes above and below the reporting marks have been removed during renumbering. Is it possible that a few stripes survived into the 60's? Same with the ampersand on T&NO cars, could any have survived?
>Thanks in advance.
>David Ellzey

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