Penn Salt tank cars (TRIX) comments & questions

Bill Welch

As the mood strikes me I pick up the TRIX insulated tank car and work on it. I sorted out how to mount a North American style coupler and I have been working on the U/F, mainly making new brake rodding and a line form the triple valve to the brake cylinder. As it sits on it trucks it looks too "leggy" but I think this might be an optical illusion because the center sill does not extend to the bolsters on either end, so I am going to use strip styrene to fill these voids. I also need to build a center anchor. The model does not have a bottom outlet and I am curious if these cars had them?

The car has a bright blue center portion the extends the length of the bottom sheet, including the tank saddles. The rest of the tank including the ends are a bright yellow. "PENN SALT" is "stenciled" against the yellow, making the car impossible to miss. I am wondering what these cars carried so that I might have a clue as to how to weather it to tone it down? Advice welcomed.

These cars would be a good project for the "Tank Car Division" of Resin Car Works to consider.

Bill Welch

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