Re: Penn Salt tank cars (TRIX) comments & questions

Tom Madden

Tim wrote :
> I'm REALLY hoping that Frank will want to do any of
> the Ethyl, Dupont or Dow "antiknock" tank cars --
> Spectacular paint schemes, very common cars, found
> all over the country wherever gasoline was produced
> (or blended) -- Such cars were used from the 1920's to the 1990's.
Frank's next tank car, as mentioned in MRH a couple of issues ago, is a 10K insulated tank which will go on the same underframe as his 8K acid tank. The neat (and frustrating) thing is, with insulated tanks gallonage and length don't always define the size of the tank. You need to know the insulation thickness. Bringing Pennsylvania Salt back into the discussion, the Penn Salt 8K liquid caustic tank wrapped with 6" of insulation (78 + 12) is essentially the same diameter as a conventional 10K tank wrapped with 2" of insulation (87 + 4). So there will be at least three domes for the "10K" tank: 60" & 67" diameter (actually 68" & 75" when you account for the insulation, wall thicknesses of the dome and jacket, and dead space between the insulation and jacket), and the large diameter but very short Penn Salt dome (69" x 13.5" high).

> Another great tank car type would be the 3k-4k (?)
> bromine tank cars -- tiny little things. :-)

There was a beautiful little HO bromine tank on a couple of days ago. Too new for us but spectacular workmanship. Modeler goes by the handle "tankcarsrule" and signs as "Bobby".
Tom Madden

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