Re: Digest Number 9402

Jim Betz


� In the early/middle 60's I worked in a salmon cannery in
Alaska.� We received both Bunker C and diesel #2 from
small coastal tankers (ships) that was pumped up to tanks
on the hill behind the oil dock.� The Bunker C was used
to fuel the boiler that ran the overhead belt pulleys that
powered the cannery.� The fishing fleet used diesel
exclusively.� I was one of the guys who fueled the boats
and also helped unload the tanker.� Even when heated
the Bunker C was very thick/slow flowing stuff that looked
so thick it made you think you might be able to walk across
the top of the tank it was stored in.� I believe that the
caretakers house also used Bunker C for house heating in
the 9 months or so that the cannery was shut down.
� All - thanks for the correction on the difference between Bunker
C and crude.

� Question - doesn't crude require heating to load/unload (as
��������������������� well as Bunker C)?
��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� - Jim

P.S. I'm still hoping to get some links to tank cars being loaded or
������ unloaded with crude (or Bunker C) ... not so concerned about
������ 'era' any more as that doesn't seem to be easily forthcoming.

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