Re: Tank car matters

Tom Madden

Jon Miller wrote :

>  Also I really, really would like an accurate [Santa Fe] Tk-L.  That Bettendorf? cast
> underframe if done correctly is neat.  I think now that 3-D is here and there are
> some good drawings it might be done that way.  Division Point did one in brass
> but I don't think the underframe is correct?  And they are going for over two hundred plus.
Well over $200. The GSC cast underframe/tank bottom is the signature element of this tank car, and DP represented it with an etched brass lower course. Not nearly enough relief.
It would be a very straightforward 3D printing project. Where are these good drawings, Jon? There are none in the Hendrickson - Pelouze Santa Fe tank car book.
Tom Madden

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