Re: Tank car matters


I've been following this thread with interest and have 2 Comments/ questions

1) Jim's original post said:
I'm having trouble locating pics of the tank cars in crude oil service
on the web. 

My question is, how would you know from the pic what it was carrying?   

2) I think the discussion diverged into what seemed to be the more common issue, not so much about crude vs refined, etc, but more about RR owned vs private owned. Which leads me to my next question: Why are/were such a large percentage of tank cars NOT RR owned?  What is it about tank cars, compared to Box cars, gons, flats, hoppers,etc that cause such a large portion to be privately owned?  Is it because they are so often used in service dedicated to one commodity not easily switched to carry different fluids? Or are there other factors involved? 

Tom Hayden

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