Re: CGW X-29

Tim O'Connor

Jason, Red Caboose makes an ARA standard 1923 model in HO. The problem with
the CGW cars is that they are not a match for the sides. I think the CGW cars
have been done in resin in HO scale.

Tim O'Connor

As noted, the CGW 1923 All Steel A.R.A. cars didn't have Creco doors, they had 3 panel car builders' doors. On line photos of the as-delivered cars outside of the link provided appear to be hard to come by. One thing that could help is to know that any cars still in their 85000-87999 numbering would still have original doors. The cars that were rebuilt were renumbered in to the 8000 series.

A couple modeling notes, the 85000 and 86000 series had just a single grab iron on the left side of the car and the door latch was lower than the 87000 series. Also, as with most non-X29 cars, the side ladders are inset from the car end showing the rivet column at the ends of the car.

I'm not sure why there are so many X29 models available when a standard 1923 car would have much broader appeal.

Jason Kliewer
Colorado Springs, CO

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