Re: ACL Photos

Benjamin Hom

John Sykes asked:
"Now that I mentioned that I am doing an ACL roster, I must note that I am having trouble locating 1950's era freight car photos (especially early '50s). If anyone can point me to good source other than Fallen Flags or RR Picture Archives, please advise. Also not interested in buying photos, but want sources that are accessible to all interested individuals (e.g., online or books)."
Don't overlook Bob Liljestrand's (of Bob's Photo) compilation books. These are 48-page paperbacks of photos from his collection and retail between $15-20, which is a bargain compared to what the individual prints would cost. They're available from him at the shows he attends, and pop up on the secondary market from time to time. The ACL book came out in 2004.

Ben Hom

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