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Jason Kliewer

Rich,  Red Caboose is no more.  All the HO stuff is Intermountain now so you could see what their planned releases will be.  A since IMR can cut their own tooling, maybe they can do the correct CGW door.

Tim, if you say the the RC cars are 1923 ARA cars I'll accept that.  I usually look to see if the ladder is all the way to the end of the car, if so I assume it's based off an X29 drawing.

Jason Kliewer

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Looked at the RC site and couldn't find them.  I wouold be interested in them for some of my own projects.

Rich Ramik

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Jason, Red Caboose makes an ARA standard 1923 model in HO. The problem with
the CGW cars is that they are not a match for the sides. I think the CGW cars
have been done in resin in HO scale.

Tim O'Connor

>As noted, the CGW 1923 All Steel A.R.A. cars didn't have Creco doors, they had 3 panel car builders' doors. On line photos of the as-delivered cars outside of the link provided appear to be hard to come by. One thing that could help is to know that any cars still in their 85000-87999 numbering would still have original doors. The cars that were rebuilt were renumbered in to the 8000 series.
>A couple modeling notes, the 85000 and 86000 series had just a single grab iron on the left side of the car and the door latch was lower than the 87000 series. Also, as with most non-X29 cars, the side ladders are inset from the car end showing the rivet column at the ends of the car.
>I'm not sure why there are so many X29 models available when a standard 1923 car would have much broader appeal.
>Jason Kliewer
>Colorado Springs, CO

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