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Rich, �Red Caboose is no more. �All the HO stuff is Intermountain now so you could see what their planned releases will be. �A since IMR can cut their own tooling, maybe they can do the correct CGW door.

� � � � � � InterMountain has indeed taken over production and marketing from Red Caboose, but if you visit the IM site you will quickly discover that all Red Caboose models are still sold under that name.

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Bill McClung, who is Red Caboose, is also the VP Sales (I may not have the title exactly right, but it's close enough) for Intermountain. There is at least one train show vendor here in Colorado who sells Red Caboose kits packaged in a plastic bag. I don't know if it is old inventory, or if he is able to replenish when it gets low.

Spen Kellogg

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