Re: CGW X-29

Bill Welch

From my Undecorated RC kit box ends

RC-7002 = 1924 Body Style Steel Plate Ends
RC-7003 = X-29 ARA Body Plate Ends

PRR fans, don't shoot me as the box label says "X-29" not the correct X29.

The lack of precision in box labeling may be contributing to the confusion but there are two distinct body styles with plate ends. AFAIK, RC only produced the X29 body style with the welded body repair plates along the bottom. BTW on one of the Undec kits I have has a note to myself that there is a pair of Chad Boas B&O door inside.

I believe Bill retains the molds as I have been trying to get detail sprues of Sill Steps and Bracket grabs from him for two years so I can have them burned out for brass parts. He keeps promising me. I assume Andy Carlson has an order in with him for more Undec kits of all of the versions.

These are great kits in my opinion and hopefully Speedwitch will again offer all of their modification parts for these cars to do them as B&O cars with Duryea U/F, LNE, MEC and CofNJ once they.

Bill Welch 

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