Re: Red Caboose is not "No More"

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Red Caboose has pared off its O scale and N scale lines, but the HO line is somewhat intact (The SP F-70-7 tooling has been sold) but Bill has been swamped with personal matters for the last 8 months and has not shipped any parts or kits during this time. He and I converse almost monthly, and besides looking to find a buyer for the HO tooling, he intends to continue kits/parts. He will eventually have the private issues behind him and I fully expect to receive items, just don't know when.

Bill has been running parts for the kits on an on-going basis and has a good inventory in his stock. He just doesn't have enough time to box up kits. I don't know how much of this situation he wishes to share, but Bill hasn't once said that he is quitting the kits/parts business as long as the RC line doesn't have a new owner.

-Andy Carlson

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