Re: Bananas to the Indianapolis?

David Sieber

In STMFC, George Eichelberger said, "I am working on a banana article for SRHA’s TIES magazine for later this year. If enough people find this kind of material interesting, it may be possible to suggest a presentation at this year’s St. Louis and Kennesaw (Atlanta) RPMs."

Ike, I suspect there are many folks beyond Southern Railway fans who would find that material interesting.  May I suggest you consider (1) presenting at Prototype Rails (Cocoa Beach) and/or RPM Naperville, or (2) sumitting your banana article to Model Railroad Hobbyist or Railroad Model Craftsman?  Either would reach a larger, nationwide audience.  Although I model the Far West, I'd be very interested in your presentation/article!

Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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