Sunshine Kit #87.16 Union Starch Paint & Decaling Instructions

Bill Welch

In the process of building one of Sunshine's Type 30 General American tank cars I decided to convert it to a food commodity car as configured for Union Starch. Photos of this conversion are on the Resin Model Builders site for those interested. I secured the decals from Tricia by swapping back the decals for the original kit for the Union Starch decals but do not have the painting and decaling instructions. I know the underframe and bottom sheet are black and the tank and dome are red. The one color photo I have seems to show the top of the dome being black but it could also be dirty. If anyone has this kit, could you please consult the paint data to see what Martin advised?

Regarding the decals, it looks like I need to put the black decals down first and then the Aluminum to create the shaded stenciling. Curious if there are any other notes in the Sunshine paperwork regarding decaling the car.

Thank you,

Bill Welch

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