Re: Bananas to the Indianapolis/ Minnesota

Tim O'Connor

Very interesting... so to Tony's point about shippers being able to choose
the route (as long as a railroad chose to take part in a tariff) then it may
have been possible for IC to turn bananas over to either the MILW or CGW in
Dubuque for the rest of the trip to the Twin Cities. But the CB&Q probably
had the fastest schedule on their high speed mainline along the Mississippi
from Dubuque northwards.

Tim O'Connor

The IC did interchange bananas, over the years, with the CB&Q at East Dubuque for
the Twin Cities and beyond. A track along side the northbound Q main called the
banana track was used for this it was handy for the IC to set-out on and the
Q to pick up from.

In the early 1960's, I was the head brakeman on train #73 out of Chicago which included
17 cars of bananas right behind the engines for the CBQ at East Dubuque. Our crew got off
at Freeport, and a Waterloo crew took over and delivered the cars on their way home.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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