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Roland Levin

Hi Steve,
I followed your advise and read the information about stock cars on your website. This is very interesting information! I have one question. You write:
"The narrow gauge D&RGW ran some of its last trains as stock extras to move cattle from the hills of Colorado and New Mexico in the 80s."
I thought D&RGW ended their narrow gauge operations in 1968 apart from the passenger trains between Durango and Silverton.

Roland Levin

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All of the paint schemes for the P2K stock cars were correct at some time, just not at the same time. They were lease cars so would be correct for each rr for a limited time. See my web page in for greater detail on this and other stock car models.

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I don’t find this firm in either the 1953 or 1957 Official Register, and a search turns up little except sellers of the Proto 2000 kit. Is it authentic, and for what time period? Thanks


Alex Schneider

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